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Azan Academy.

The Azan academy is a global religious and modern education system offering online classes to your children.

In the present global village, to provide online education to our children, youths, and adults Azan academy's Talim and Tarbiyah programs in each part of our faith (fiqh and akhlaq, Quran, seerah, hadith, Islamic history, Arabic, Pashto And Dari language) have been specifically designed to reach today's youth. Azan Academy, as a pioneer in the field of modern and Islamic studies, aspires to provide quality education to the doorsteps of our Muslim children all over the world.

Feature Courses.

We Love to Teach Your Kids Quran.


Beginner's Guide to Quran Reading

This course is for young people and newcomers who are learning to read the Quran for the first time. Our tutors teach the NoraniQauida, as well as the identification and pronunciation of Arabic alphabets, to help students learn the basics of reading the Holy Quran.

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Quran learning with Tajweed

The student learns to recite the Holy Quran with excellent Tajweed in this course. Our teachers focus on the accurate pronunciation of words like Harkaat, Kasra (Zair), Dammah (Paish), Sakoon (Jazam, Maddah, and leen letters), and so on.

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Classes for memorizing the Quran (Hifz)

Many people wish to learn the Holy Quran by heart. However, this great goal necessitates the assistance of highly experienced and competent teachers. With great ease and comfort, we provide online sessions for memorizing the Holy Quran.

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